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What level of lessons do you teach?

We teach day one riders up to intermediate/advanced.

Are you a professional show barn?

No. While we have experience in the show ring and will develop riders and horses to be successful in such a setting this is not our particular area of focus.  

What disciplines do you teach?

We teach english and western riding.  We take elements from both to develop a strong seat, correct hands, and an overall well balanced rider.  

Are there any accessible trails?

The farm is backed directly up to Rocky Ridge Park and we are currently working on clearing trails to connect with the entire trail system.

What are the facilities like?

We have a 14 stall barn, 80x60 indoor arena, perimeter grass jogging path, and an outdoor field for riding.

Do you trailer out to events?

Occasionally yes. Clients should plan to have their own truck and trailer if they wish to regularly attend events. 

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